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Guessed by Ka-pi96

This is probably one of the first games I've beat in my life, and I've many good memories of it. As a child, everything here was awesome - all the time-travelling sci-fi stuff along with all the different kinds of settings, both classic and futuristic, it was all just really cool. Of course, it was much better than the other games in the trilogy because it had more than just the same old boring platforming levels, right..? Well, having replayed the game twice on the N. Sane Trilogy (once on a friend's PS4 and more recently on my own Switch), I gotta say it doesn't quite hold up the same way. The platforming levels are great, especially the sphynx ones, but the gimmicky skiing, racing and especially dogfighting levels got annoying quite fast. Warped will always hold a place in my heart, but I definitely don't think as highly of it nowadays. Oh well.

Last edited by mZuzek - on 17 November 2018