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I only pre order if it comes with something free.

Like when I was younger, Target gave free Pokemon Bookcards when you pre order Pokemon Gold and Silver :]

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I have actually preordered only Gta San Andreas.



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No, theres no reason to do it. Actually you might even be able to get most of games faster than those who preorder.

well I pre-order games all the time

I only pre-order a game if its something I know I definitely want to get, such as a sequel to a well established series or something that will be limited in stock upon release (hello Dragon Quest games or third party Wii titles). Many times however, I won't pre-order a game now adays because places like GameStop will open your game and mess with it before giving it to you. Or they'll 'pre-order' it for you weeks or even months ahead of time, then make you wait 1-3 days later than the scheduled release date due to 'shipping days' for the game to arrive.

In short, I'm just disappointed in places like GameStop and try to buy my games anywhere else I can first. And only buy major games like Mario there where I know they'll have 500 copies on day 1 (which don't even need a pre-order).

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I've never done that; but I'm thinking about preordering Heart Gold.

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I do only when there's a lower price (through amazon because they have pre-order price guarantee).

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Only for big games like MW2 or GT5 which will sell out quickly if I don't reserve my copy.

I Pre-order games all the time. I currently have Heavy Rain, Resonance of Fate, Final Fantasy XIII, and God of War 3 Pre-ordered. I Pre-order games so I don't spend my money and end up not being able to afford them when they release like I did earlier this year...would have had Mass Effect 2 and MAG.

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