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I pre-order only if it is a game that is big enough that I know it will go out of stock. I live in a metro area so popular games sell out very quickly around where I live. I will only pre-order if I don't have to pay until day of pickup though. That way I can cancel it if I need the money for something else.

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I pre-order any game I intend to buy day 1; I have a horrible memory, and between work, the wife and the boy, I'd never remember when all the games I'm interested in come out. So I pre-order and gamestop calls me. Easy enough.

Recently (Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2); it's resulted in some free DLC to start the game with too. Cool.

I pre-order games I'm really hyped for. Sometimes you get a bonus, but usually I do it because its kind of a pain to get to a Gamestop and I want to make sure they have a copy for me if i make the trip.

Sometimes I preorder but only for titles I know will sell out and I won't get on time. What I have seen at Wal-Mart is that when you pre order a game there, you get a free $10 gift card when you pick up the game. I saw that when I went to get ME2 from there. Didn't preorder it though.

Back a few months ago when I got ODST, I preordered from Target and got a free $5 gift card, and it was only like $1 to preorder. So I got like 4 bucks from preordering it there. I don't know how much it is to preorder at Wal-Mart though.

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only twice ever killzone 2 and call of duty modern warfare 2 got $10 off at bestbuy wohoo!

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Not much, have the Heavy Rain Special Edition on pre-order tho only because you can only get it from HMV.

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In the UK if you pre order in a shop you don't have to pay until the day, so why not? You secure your copy in the chance they don't stock enough, get pre order bonuses and double points at GAME!

I always pre order

There's a nice GAME store very close to where I live. I've bought a couple of games there but turned down their membership offer. What do these points do?

Every purchase you make gives points, these points translate to store credit, so effectively you save yourself a little cash each time you use the card.

Every £1 you spend = 10 points.

1000 points = £2.50 credit.  Doesn't seem much for spending £100.

However if you pre-order you get double points, so £40 for a typical PS3/360 games nets you £2.  If you buy often it quickly builds up.  Another benefit if you will quite often be offered special deals only available to card holders both in-store or online, or sometimes you get pre-order bonuses that people without cards do not get.

It isn't a massive deal, but the card only costs £3.   I got mine years ago for free, threw it in with my Gamecube purchase.

It would take ages for me to get enough credit for a free game then. Maybe I need to buy more games lol.

You'd be surprised, especially if you buy a console, that jacks up your points loads. It's worth it though, I got Fable II for next to nothing this way.

Alternatively you could not buy from GAME, and thus get most of your games £5 cheaper in the first place.... then rather than having to spend almost £2000 to get a free game (or £1000 for pre-ordered stuff) you have saved enough for an extra game after buying about 5-6 games.

Although I have seen some games on GAMEs online store are often £5 cheaper than in store.

never pre-ordered a game in my life, but i am thinking about preordering red steel 2 and no more heroes 2 when it gets announced by rising star games for European countrys... i also am thinking about preordering Metroid Other M because i think thats my overhyped game this gen

Before this gen I've never preordered, but I find myself preordering the games I know I'll get now. Especially if there is a preorder bonus.

yeah if I have the money I will...just to make sure that I get a copy on the first day of release

or if there is a cool bonus for pre-ordering

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