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I don't. My friends don't.I don't see big reason to...Only if you get some bonuses/collector's edition.



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In the UK if you pre order in a shop you don't have to pay until the day, so why not? You secure your copy in the chance they don't stock enough, get pre order bonuses and double points at GAME!

I always pre order


I usually pre order if its a big game that i know I'm going to get. There's a lot of pre order bonuses now so even more reason to pre order.

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usually if im buying, but i rent much more these days. most games arent worth keeping.

I'm not really here!

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I preorder the big games with Collector's Editions. I do this since I know that my copy is secure and preorder bonuses.

Like in AUS I preordered the FF XIII PS3 Limited Collector's Edition and I get a FF XIII calender just for preordering it.

So I do it coz it's worth doing it.

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No. I don't even buy games when they are released. I wait a few months, hear some impressions from people that have played them, and then buy them when they are at a discount.

I preordered once - ME2 from UK because polish version is dubbed and it sounds like shit :)

Nope. I never had problems getting games i want without preorders on release day (or sometimes a day or two before).


Yea, but from Amazon only. I don't have to pay til it is delivered, it gets delivered for free, and if they run any specials between when I preorder and the game comes out I get those too. So far I've picked up a $10 coupon, and over $15 more off games.

Also, I only really preorder Nintendo 1st party games as those won't drop in price for years anyways, so it's just a matter of if I have the money now or not.

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Games that I've preordered.

Endless Ocean2

Games that I bought full price.

Metroid Prime 3

Everything else are bought at discount.
I bought new games only.

The list excludes everything else older since I don't remember.