Did Uncharted 2 make a profit?

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itll have legs so im gonna say yes its successful

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I think they haven't made a profit, but the DLC may give them some profit (if they add more)
just like Little Big Planet didn't make a profit out of sales but out of DLC

very likely. Otherwise almost every game from Sony would have made losses...

Porcupine_I said:

Edit: i found the thread and some pretty funny predictions to go with it


 From that Thread:

NYANKS said:
Oh it'll happen. Quote me.

There ya go NYANKS, I'm quoting you. Good call.

Now quoting darth the OP:


I don't think its'll happen personally, SONY has to market it!!!

Having fun here.


I believe it can, and will, reach 2.5 million in lifetime sales, and I think it will probably do it by June-August of 2010. I'd prefer if no-one quoted me on that though (unless I get it right )

I'm quotin' ya all right. You didn't get it right, but I doubt you thought you'd be this side of wrong


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nyways..i expecting long legs..and an LTD of somewhere close to 4 to 4.5. Well if UC 1 sold upto 2.7 mn in two years, then in two years span i bet UC2 going to double the figure.

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Made easily profit says I.

In my studies I learnt that when you buy a 60dollar game, between 15 and 20 dollars go to the devs. So let's say they sold 2.7 millions including bundles. (Correct me if wrong) 2,700,000*17.5= 47,250,000. There is no way to know for sure, but my guess is they made a nice profit, and it's likely to grow.

with store markup and total production and advert cost. they profit 23 dollars for every unit sold. 23x2.5million. You do the math

it only needed about 800k sales to profit...i have a feeling this is a flame thread bashing halo odst

If a company designs a game with a budget that is so big selling 3 Million plus STILL doesn't earn a profit, I think they'd really need to re-think their business design.

On topic: Yes. I'm sure they have. Plus, the game is still selling. It's not even six months old.

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