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Demotruk said:
RolStoppable said:
LOL at the PS3 yoy increase comment. Considering how terrible the PS3 was doing in the first eight months of 2009, this was a given.

Let's suppose he followed that with "but that's a given considering the poor sales this time last year". You think the journalist would put that in?

He would have if it was the Wii.

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c0rd said:

The Wii is out of stock online on all the major stores I've checked, as of right now. Amazon, Target, Best Buy, you name it. Go see for yourself - only bundles (like Walmart's) are in stock.

I'm a bit surprised. Can't say the same for the PS3, they seem to be available online at least.

@Kasz216: If you're talking about the PS2 slim shortages, that was its 4th year, it ended up getting beat by the Xbox a few months including November & December. (some links here)

Ah yeah, that's what i was thinking of.  Year off.

Again, this points to the Wii's overall North American number on vgchartz being substantially undertracked. Because if there were 1.2 million Wiis on the shelves and in transit at the end of 2009, how are we seeing shortages now?

I dont believe this. You can pretty much always find spot shortages of any console, but I've seen plenty of Wiis at Wal Mart.

If there are any shortages, extremely short lived.

well i was looking for a wii for my nephew last week and i couldn't find in any store, i went to target, cosco, walt mart, best buy, called game stop, etc, but finnaly found it today, it seem there is stock again

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I think that those guys the used to day "The wii is doomed" back 09/2009 should be hiding under their bed cuz the Wii fever may get then this time ...(i mean with all of those core gamers coming from nintendo) ...


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