Heavy rain, what do you think the metacritic score will be

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pretty high the games been getin good reviews so far there all in the 90s id say 88-92 waiting for the demo myself thought the game would bomb in the reviews at 1st


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From the early reviews, I would say 88-92.

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It will remain above 85 either way IMO, but if it drops below it, won't be lower than an 80. The early reviews actually shock me, I wasn't expecting reviews to like it so much. I mean, it already has a perfect score, never expected that.


snyperdud said:
I'm going to guess anywhere from 86 - 91 %

I think it will fall within these scores aswell.

It all depends on whether or not some reviewers dont "get it".

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Lots of 90+ scores...with a few that just doesn't get it giving it 60-70.

So overall 88.

masterb8tr said:
1-100 i guess:p any bets?

i bet 101 haha

88 - solid score