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Nintendogamer said:
No motion plus? a bit late to make that plea, because Eiji has already put that feature in the game so, you will have to use motion plus wether you like it or not.

He said he wants WM+ to be bundled with the game not that he doesn't want it. ...(Cheapskate!)

I dissagree with the voice acting part though it would be cool to have other characters talk but please DON'T make link talk!

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make link a rouge. Somekind of pirate or a mercenary type character fighting in wars and such. He should stumble upon his destiny to become the hero of time, whilst searching for treasure, or getting mixed up in some sort of ganondorfless conflict between hyrule and an invading nation. Saddly i dont want link to speak and I'm against voice acting, but for this new Link to exist he would have to have a voice.

basically there should be a new story arc, kind of like MM. Motion plus should also be in there


Pavolink said:
Maynard_Tool said:
Damn it people watch the video. They want WM+ to be bundled for free. They want the game to support it, but they don't want to pay extra $$$

Sorry to post that wrong. You're right. ^_^

you CAN edit the original post you know, to avoid more confusion.

Nintendo already confirmed Wii Motion Plus for Zelda Wii 2010 so saying that you don't want it to be in the game would have been pretty pointless hehehe

So, we don't want 1:1 sword fighting as one of video game's most iconic heroes?

Really? I must have missed that newsletter. Huh.

Motion Plus for free would make a good sell point. Nintendo can afford it.

49.90 - an Epic adventure with a free motion plus.

Along a gold box art, it is good marketing.

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What i don't want:

1. Voice Acting. Do it for cutscenes, but DO NOT DO IT for regular NPCs. I'll pull out my hair if i have to *listen* to someone every time i'm talking about whatever.

2. Long-ass introductions. Start me off with some action, at least a little, before i get a dose of story.

3. Plot twist after the third dungeon. We can seriously see it coming by now, just flip it up a bit

I can't really think of anything else i really don't want, but those are really what i don't want to see.

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Was Zelda confirmed for 2010? If not then......

Well, at least we have a Zelda in this year!