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Seriously if this game sells anything less then 5.51 Million on the PS3 or less then 7 million on the 360 (Only 7 million because of the RRoD LOL) then I will be very pissed off. Man I think even people who own last gen Consoles should buy this game just to look at it. Its that good.

 In all seriousness though this game should be on the chartz next week and with over 100,000 on the online leaderboards for COD4 on the PS3 this game should sell very well (esspecially on the 360 which software sells a ton).


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Im expecting huge for 360, and good amount for ps3

                 With regard to Call of Duty 4 having an ultra short single player campaign, I guess it may well have been due to the size limitations of DVD on the XBox 360, one of various limitations multi-platform game designers will have to take into consideration-Mike B   

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Game trailers-Halo 3 only dissapointed the people who wanted to be dissapointed.

Bet with Harvey Birdman that Lost Odyssey will sell more then Blue dragon did.

It's a hell of a great game and Yea, I think that it will do very good numbers on both the 360 and PS3. This game will definitely keep me busy shooting online until Socom comes out.


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Huge numbers on the 360... Umm what's a huge hit on the PS3 these days, 250,000?

Legend11 said:
Huge numbers on the 360... Umm what's a huge hit on the PS3 these days, 250,000?

 The 360 and the PS3, in the end, have similar audiences. It's mostly made up of Shooter-Whore Americans, except there are a lot less of them on the PS3 because less of them have bought one.

The PS3 Call of Duty 4 could likely do at least 250k first week. 



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For a PS3 title 100k is a very good result. Only one title beat this number with a wide margin (Madden 08, around 240k first week). I highly doubt CoD can do 250k, it should have a good openning week (more than 100k) and some legs. There is less competition on PS3 platform than on Xbox so it should sell well and become one of the top selling title on PS3.

600k on the 360 first week.

300k first week on the ps3

Alot of my psn friends have cod 4. Im not getting it. Haze will suprise many.



I think you guys are getting caught in the Guitar Hero 3 sales hype with other games. Guitar hero is really a special type of game that COD 4 could never duplicate in sales on week one. Don't forget COD 3 only did 163k in it's first week on the 360 last november and the 360 had a considerably larger american install base than the PS3 does now. Knowing this, it should be nearly an impossibility to sell more than 160k for PS3 in an almost identical situation one year later.

PS3 = 115-135k 360 = 340-360k

I don't know why you guys think COD 4 will have a much better first week than Guitar hero 3 did on PS3. GH 3 is the ultimate party game casual seller and broke records for activision, records COD 4 won't be breaking. I'm predicting it will eek out a slight victory on PS3 due to being 40$ less but I even have doubts about that.

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I played the PC demo tonight, my biggest complaint about the series was that they made an awesome game with #1 and each sequel after words was no where near as good. COD4 seems like the first actual sequel to the game. Well done!

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