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gameover said:
i have an msi wind and i tried everything! is SLOW not only mine but my friends too. i also tried leopard on it (ihave it dualboot) its a perfect hackintosh (i only changed the wifi card inside). believe me its CRAP! i know about computers it doesnt have a problem.. accept it :)

My neighbor has an MSI wind. His can play HD Youtube videos at full screen without a hitch. Send it in to get fixed.It isn't a perfect hackintosh machine unless you can get QE to run on it flawless without tearing. It is a decent Hackintosh machine though.

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about arm.. do your homework
ARM has had a "secret" licensee for years that is likely Apple and P.A. Semi, the fabless chip designer it purchased for $278 million

Doobie_wop said:


I'm just saying that considering how well the DS and Wii did by bringing a new idea to the mainstream audience, he shouldn't be so conservative in what 3D or the I-Pad could bring to the table in coming year's. He has an opinion and I have an opinion about his opinion.

You know, he likely thought the same of HD output, and made the right call. That has nothing to do with arrogance, and everything to do with business. If he thought 3D is something that would soon take off, it's obvious that he'd consider putting it on Nintendo's next system.

Do you think he should act as if every new technology is the next big thing? Luckily for Nintendo, that's not the way he thinks.

gameover said:
about arm.. do your homework
ARM has had a "secret" licensee for years that is likely Apple and P.A. Semi, the fabless chip designer it purchased for $278 million

And what does that have to do with the fact that A4 is not that different from the Tegra2 or Snapdragon(which will be dual core shortly). They are all ARM based System on a Chip. The fact that my Nexus one is almost as fast as this revolutionary tablet is pretty sad. Though Snapdragon in the N1 is a Cortex ARM 8 and most likely the A4 is Cortex ARM9.

about the wind it doesnt have a problem believe me i saw more netbooks not only mine they terribly lagging in full screen youtube video. is not a great experience. and besides the ipad is not a computer so we dont even have to compare the 2 products. anyway me too im not that impressed because i already own an iphone and it's more or less the same but seriously for a web media ebook reader device +games is GOOD. with jailbreak it will become excellent though

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it doesnt matter if a chip is faster.. the apple products have specific software fot their hardware so that makes them having an advantage.. the same happens with consoles.. their hardware maybe is far slower than the pc but they have excellent performance with half the speed. apple can keep the same quickness without having the best cpu of the moment. so seriously who cares if another produt has a quicker cpu in 3 months? appla even underclocks their cpu and the devices are already super fast.. the software+hardware combination makes miracles

Laggy youtube videos = slow connection.

That was not a joke.

Hey guise, it's $500. Can't wait to play the new... finger pong on it. oh yeah and you can surf the web!! AND BUY DIGITAL BOOKS!

You are not going to see any good games on it. Except games that have been already made but enhanced rip-offs. Like HD Hangman Touch!

I actually think it's pretty cool, but not for that price.


What can you do with 16GB?
And it actually does not come with expansion slot for SD card, LOL.

Add a $100 and you get 16GB more...

iPad is the true gimmick. Seriously, at least have the decency to up its specs from the itouch