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so far Europe only, hope this comes to NA


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Looks very cool

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Does look pretty nice.  If it comes with the M+ bundle in NA then I'll be quick to order.

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Good stuff, I'm glad it's coming in EU.

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Ubisoft is giving this game a bit of push after all. I'm feeling pretty good about my bet

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Just for anyone interested, the game including a Wii motion plus is only 30 pounds at amazon.co.uk

How can they call a franchise with no red on the steel, Red Steel? I think it's to try and please the casuals, who are NOT going to buy this game anyway. So in reality, you are trying to please the people who will not buy your game, while pissing on the people that will.

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So Ubisoft cares for this game afterall and not not wanting to advertise it and push it to make sure it sold decently, I'm glad :)

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Sweet. I might just get it, if it's not too expensive...

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This will probably be the last game I buy day one until Other M or Galaxy 2 come out. So if this isn't priced to high I'll definitely jump at it. I really can't wait to see what they've done with the Eastern/Old Western direction they've gone to.