uncharted hits 3 million:)

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I was going to make this thread, but checked the figures and it's actually only at 2.994xxx - not quite there yet!

Will be there when the Others numbers are in, though. :D

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Good Deal, The 2nd will follow

Nice! Uncharted 2 should be hitting this milestone REAL soon! Really great sales.

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Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be the GREATEST game EVER made!!!

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masterb8tr said:


Review scores =/= amazing sales

Pachter still has a hard time understanding this. Like watching a drunk clown in the hall of mirrors ...

Munkeh111 said:
About time, what a great game, and it does really deserve the sales, even if a decent chunk of them have been from bundles

Edit: Must read OP closer

Congrats Drake's Fortune. Your sequel should be there shortly!


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The last time I checked it was at like 1.8 million.

Sweet, I think it's younger brother will hit 4mil!!!

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I'm dumb

Fuck... I'm dead!

So we only get threads when PS3 titles hit milestones.