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Without Ninty, video games would not be at their actual state.

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The magic!

No other vg company in the world has that.
Sega tried to have that, along time ago, but unfortunately failed.

That they don't listen to everything the "Hardcorez" says and want

If it isn't turnbased it isn't worth playing   (mostly)

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The games, the characters, the developers, Miyamoto, the great franchises, the unique consoles it is able to give us...pretty much everything! Except the way they market their games sometimes, hopefully it's changing (see how they're marketing Zangeki no Reginleiv).

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I feel the Nintendo Love in the air!

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It's not one thing, it's a combination of their great and fun software, their immaculate hardware, the fact that their HW & SW go hand-in-hand, their innovation, and their overall moral, I guess.
Also, Zelda.

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Their understanding of the importance of balance in games. No other company makes games this accessible, yet so deep.

However, I do think their finest work is behind them. Games like Mario Kart 64 defined balance in every way, but it's been a while since we have seen games with balance on a level like that.

Easy. Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World. Never before and never again will so much win be concentrated into a single cartridge.

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It is simple. Nintendo knows what makes a game fun. They live to provide us with fun.