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Do you like boxarts on the weekly charts

Yes, it's nice to see each game at a glance 98 79.03%
Sometimes, I like the abi... 17 13.71%
No, i find them annoying 4 3.23%
I don't really care 5 4.03%

I'll be asking a series of poll questions over the coming weeks to help guide the design of VGC 3.0 so please let me know your thoughts...

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Oh absolutely

Oh Yes. I would like to have them for every charts available on the site. (It not the case isn't it)

Yes, definately.
It should be the default option though, not the "top 20", which is kinda useless, imo.


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Yes, definately.



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Yup, its pretty cool.

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Indeed I do. Except Borderlands, can that just be disabled permanently?

It depends what the alternative is?