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@ Solidar

First, the american population is only around 300+million, not 450. Somehow Japan doesn't matter now that SMG doesn't do monster numbers...? Don't post lies.

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It's not even Christmas yet too. Can we wait 'til then to decide?

This thread is only here because DmeisterJ got tired of topics about the PS3 doing poorly, so wanted to create a thread to rub SOMETHING ANYTHING in the wii's and wii fans faces. There is no discussion here about numbers just a bunch of "Wii is bombing! Nothing can save it now!" and people talking about how incredibly lame that thinking is. Ben discussed it for like the first 10 posts and then was handily ignored to give way to this.

Seriously this topic is so transparent somebody is going to walk right into it and get hurt.

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W29 said:
Soriku said:
W29 said:
Soriku said:

1. GIFs are against the rules? Then why haven't I been told that? And link?

2. Why a lock?

1. This is a troll thread.

2. Flames (not really...) plus trolling.


1. Ask the mods, the dude will get a message shortly. Back then when this site was running. Users were not suppose to have GIFs...maybe it changed.

2. huh?

1. Sure, you in the past made plenty of troll threads and now8 you have just point out one, that really is not.

2. cool, now know what flaming and trolling is.


Using the past as a figure means nothing as compared to now. And I see you trolling.

HA!.....you are making me laugh, while I'm reading your posts and talking on the phone too. You are hilarious Soriku, I'm trolling....Cool, I deserve that title. You were just in a PS3 thread just a couple of hours ago flaming.

Re-check the thread.

Thge truth is that japan is a handheld country at this point ... and even the PSP is selling pretty well now :D

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Main reasons:
1) Japan is more handheld orientated than ever before.
2) The console audience for Wii in Japan is very casual, these kind of gamers done queue out waiting to buy a game as soon as its launched. I have no doubt that Mario Galaxy will hit great lifetime sales as people will pick it up eventually.
That is pretty much it. Obviously i would have liked to have seen higher first week sales buti anticipate it to be the highest selling (or one of) game on the Wii. If it sells like this in Europe or America though, i would be concerned.

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W29 said:
lvader said:
This thread is a joke, the Wii doesn't need big titles to shift players, it is already doing so at record pace. I wouldn't worry about SMG sales, I'm sure Nitendo will make a profit from the 5M+ lifetime sales.


Lets, see....hmmmmm, Nintendo caters more to the causal then hardcore, give me a list of games that are for the hardcore that will be released soon?

Who said anything about casual or hardcore, a title like SMG apeals to both. The software title that sells the Wii is Wii Sports and apart from Japan it comes free with the console.

leo-j said:
When FF VII sold "only" sold 490k at launch it was considered a flop by naznatips. FF VII is huge in japan, also SMG sold only 250k without depleting stock, I think it is a bad situation. SMG might not even hit 1 million by years end which is shocking to say the least.

SMG situation is very different to FF7 for PSP for several reasons:

1) 3D Mario games are nothing compared to FF's in Japan
2) Look at the installed base of Wii and compare it to PSP, almost half.
3) Wii is considered to be casual so people might buy SMG lateron
4) FF games are too front loaded, they usually sell a ton on first week, and drop A LOT, so 490k for CC would mean mediocre lifetime sales. And guess what? Where's Crisis Core now? How is it selling? Yeah, that's right, awful.

BenKenobi88 said:
DMeisterJ said:
@ Ben kenobi

That's a very nice excuse...

 Uh...yes.  It is.  It's not going to spike up a ton, because it's simply not easily available everywhere.

Do you have any proof of that, or anything to back up your point, or are you indeed just clutching at straws?

You see, I was in my local Bik Camera this morning, and there were plenty of Wiis there just waiting to be sold. 


The fact of the matter is that Mario Galaxy didn't shift much Wii hardware, and that Wii hardware is not in short supply in Japan.


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So now you're trying to backpedal? The only possible way anybody could take the obviously biased and extremely negative statements you've been making this entire thread is as "trolling" or "Nintendo-hating". Also "No one is saying the Wii needs a savior". You yourself said that the Wii needs a savior. Please, try paying even the remotest amount of attention to what's actually going on before you start making claims. And I think it's hilarious how you completely contradicted yourself.

W29 - "Nintendo is in trouble."

DMeisterJ - "Everyone has been heralding SMG as the Wii's savior for sales and blah, blah, blah, but the truth is it wasn't. "

DMeisterJ - "The wii does need a savior, it's falling, and fast in Japan. "

DMeisterJ - "So it does need a savior before it sells below the PS3."


You are trolling. Stop.

@this thread

(1) Japan is a handheld and casual market at the present moment in time. Console hardcore sales are going to be difficult to see doing well right off the bat, period. Give SMG a few months' time to pick up, and I guarantee it will. I also guarantee Ratchet and Clank will do far better in Japan, but that's a different story.

(2) Japan is a very minor-sized market compared to NA/EU. Remember, out of the 115M+ PS2s that have sold, only about 22M sold in Japan. About twice that has sold in America and Europe, respectively. Given that consideration and the fact that NA/EU both are much more hardcore- and console-oriented, SMG will flourish once it launches in each region. Japan does tend to decide who wins the console wars, which is why...

(3) Frankly, it doesn't matter for Nintendo how well the Wii does in relation to the PS3 for the rest of this generation. It already has more than a 3-to-1 lead over the PS3 after a year. The PS3 would have to climb to an average sales of 50k+ every single week in order to even have a chance at beating out the Wii at this point. Is that going to happen? Not a chance. This generation is already decided in Japan. America? Not certain yet. Europe? I haven't a clue. But Japan? Leading time is over for Sony, and we all know Microsoft isn't closing the gap any time soon.

(4) Have you guys even paid attention to launch sales for games in America? Ace Combat 6 and Ratchet and Clank, both selling to hardcore gamers in the country that contains the most "hardcore gamers", and the country with the largest market... sold barely 200K combined in their launch week. So, in the vastly more difficult (and smaller) market, you call 250k a flop? Get out of here. The Orange Box didn't even sell much better, for crying out loud! Heavenly Sword flopped, LAIR really flopped, Metroid Prime 3 barely sold more in America. If 250k+ in Japan is a flop, then anything below 500k in America is a titanic failure. What? Only three games have done better than 500k in launch week in America this entire year? Madden '08, Guitar Hero III, and Halo 3? Goodness, goodness. And I could've sworn people were saying this was the year for gaming.