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Howdy true gamers!

Which is on top of your list?

The console itself, the games, the online service, Xbox Live, the exclusive games, the one year headstart, etc.

Your honest opinions needs to be known.

Thanks a lot.

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the 1-year headstart.

and xbox live.

then comes the games.

thats it. =]

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Top 10 reasons:
1. XBox Live: online gaming, social networking and very popular.
2. Halo series
3. Gears of War series
4. Call of Duty series (not exclusive but sells most on the 360)
5. Fable series
6. Mass Effect series
7. One year headstart
8. Strong American sales which make up for weak sales in Japan
9. Improved sales in European region upon last generation.
10. Captured the teenage male audience which drives 360 sales.

LOL. I posted this in the wrong thread.

1) Microsoft helping to kill PC gaming. Popular Microsoft PC franchises like Fable, Gears of War and Halo are nowadays only available for the XBox 360. Fans are provided no choice.

2) Pricing and reliability, it's cheaper than a Wii and especially old models break a lot. Several friends bought various revisions in the hope it would have less problems (more reliable, less noisy, less disc scratching, etc).

3) Somehow many people in the US actually like Microsoft and thus XBox, less so in other parts of the world. Mass advertising seems more effective there.

4) Microsoft buying Japanese exclusives. Many popular Japanese franchises first released on the 360, the 360 performs very weak in Japan, but it would have performed even weaker without them.

5) Microsoft buying exclusivity to multi-platform engine based games.

6) Recommendation of bad coding practices which results in less optimised code as well as hinders porting to non-Microsoft platforms.

7) 1 year (Japan and US) or more (rest of the world) headstart. Great food for marketing teams to use for hype and spin (although largely uneffective against the Wii).

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PS3 vs 360 sales

1. Halo
3. arcade SKU
4. GOW1,2 3?
5. Great graphics
6. improved controller(sans D pad)
7. 1 yr head start
8. Expensive P(hat)S3
9. Marketing appeal
10. Timed exclusives/DLC/RPG support

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a. a AAA 3D sonic title

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c. redesgined PS controller

d. SEGA back in the console business

e. M$ out of the OS business

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Because its a GREAT Machine (Best for me this gen).

1- because chuck norris is a 360 fan.
2- because chuck norris is a 360 fan.
3- because chuck norris is a 360 fan.
4- because chuck norris is a 360 fan.
5- because chuck norris is a 360 fan.
6- because chuck norris is a 360 fan.
7- because chuck norris is a 360 fan.
8- because chuck norris is a 360 fan.
9- because chuck norris is a 360 fan.
10- because chuck norris is a 360 fan.

1. 1-Year + head start.
2. Cheap.
3. Great advertising.
4. Xbox Live.
5. Gears of War
6. Halo 3
7. $100 cheaper than its nearest competitor (could also mix with 2)
8. Easy to dev for.
9. MS not being afraid to flash the cash.
10. Being very popular brand in America

1. Mike B. doesn't like it.
2. XBox Live
3. Mass Effect
4. Cheap!

It isn't very successful.


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