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well, i have seen sales and reviews, and i have come to the conclusion that SMG is as overrated-if not more- than halo 3.  


1. it brings nothing new to the diminishing genre.  the genre is getting worn out, sticking to the same formula sence 1985.  i don't get it, how can people say a game is awesome if its been abot the same thing for nearly 25 years?

2. after 22 years, there is still no online.  what the hell? i think this game would be 10x better if it had some form of online multiplay, wither co-op or vs.  

3. i am gonna but burned p and thrown away for this topic anyway, so i might as well say it.  this game really does appeal more to CHILDREN 12 and under.  i honestly can't picture a 15-28 year old playing mario.  not many other people can either, obviously meaning that not many people over 12 play it.

well, better raise my shield... 



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this will be fun

Have you beaten either game? Have you played either game even?

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What are you?

did you not see the gameplay video?


That game is awsome, also I would like to add that it reminds me ALOT of reatchet and clank its almost the same thing except for the stars and art direction.