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Very good score, but i just cant help thinking how Madoworld got a higher score :/


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This is a Great sign for thing to come on Wii in 2010

If/when I get a Wii, NMH 1 + 2 is what I'll get first. You go around decapitating people with a light saber and see blood spurt all over the place. How can you go wrong with that?

so.. 8.8, then remove the -1.5 bias hate IGN gives Wii games.. so 10.3/10! sounds pretty good to me!

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I don't know whose dumb decision it was to release this game at the same time as Mass Effect 2.

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good i guess... .2 away from a 9, to a wii game from IGN? This has to be a great game

not that i needed this to know the game would be great, but nice score... now why not let it reach a 9.0? would it have been THAT hard?

guess you have to factor in it's 'non HD-ness'

this score is very good....Good for Suda and developer team



If it was HD and with no motion control IGN would give it a nine...

8.8 is good though, but that review is simply boooooring.

I expect higher reviews from more trusted sites to put IGNorants score to shame.

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