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naznatips said:
gamelover2000 said:
Might pick this up for PC.. not to hyped for it tbh.. and this trailer didn't help.. but after playing the first one I can see where it gets its fans from

I'm hopefully getting a review copy for PC, but if not I'll pick it up from Gamestop or on Steam, depending on which preorder bonus is best. I can say that, as someone who's followed the game pretty closely, there's some pretty major improvements in combat variety, strength of biotic and tech abilities, and dialog design. There are hopefully some better RPG elements as well, but I wouldn't necessarily count on that. You're better off with Dragon Age if you're looking for a good RPG. Mass Effect is for people who want a shooter with some RPG elements.

this is the way Bioware have "hyped" their game : bringing MW element to ME world if I remember well ...

it is a good trailer, but if you dont know the character, it is hard to be "sad" for them

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JaggedSac said:
disolitude said:
--OkeyDokey-- said:
disolitude said:
Wow...This even beats the epicness of Michael Bay movie trailers.

Is this meant to be an insult or a compliment?

His movies are shit...but his trailers are awesome. Why do you think they all make gazillion dollars? Its cause he plays music like this and shows slow mo shots of bruce willis and will smith...

I agree with dis.  Mike knows how to frame a shot.  It just happens that what he frames has shitty dialogue and is linked together by a shitty plot.


(I can't comment on the trailer but I can comment on the full movie)

his movies are SHIT

not because of the shitty dialogue

not because of the shitty plot

but because of his SHITTY camera move, because of his SHITTY camera angle etc ...
he is adding so much bullshit effetc that he completely kill his plan.

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This, my friends, is the best game of all time.

lol not. Will be great though! Also, fuck me for checking that trailer. Got spoiled two things! @_@

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room414 said:

gonna be a good game, might get it for pc

boring trailer though

now this here might qualify as best trailer ever (also another great bioware game):

OMG, your trailer is so pathetic ... the dragon fight was so shitty

Look at this, same category but so much better !!!


(can't embed, shit !)

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naznatips said:
selnor said:
^ It's just not epic. Not like the ME2 trailer. EPIC all over. Music is amazing.

Am I the only person who finds it hilarious that he just replied less than 2 minutes after room posted a 4 minute trailer to say the trailer sucked and wasn't as good as the ME2 trailer?

People on the internet crack me up sometimes.

Maybe Selnor got dizzy in the spin, and that explained the typo.  I find it hard to get pumped up by something someone posts with an agenda behind it.  And yes, I am on the Mass Effect bandwagon.  I just don't like it being used as fanboy ammo.

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im looking forward to this, i didn't like the first but damn, this is something else... you win this one selnor.

I refuse to watch it because I haven't finished the first!!!

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You can tell Shepard is that bad-a** when he gets it going with every girl member on his ship for both Mass Effect games =D Can't wait!

Awesomeness. I wish they'd made the commercials like this. So good

Great trailer, its good.