Nintendo introduces 'Best of' series in Japan.

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Demotruk said:
What does it take to be "Best of" in Japan?

It's based on user reviews on the Nintendo Channel.  They are listed as Silver, Gold, and Platinum, depending on the user reviews, but they all have the same discounted price of about $30.

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Let's hope for a decent list in pal and US.

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Wow, I was expecting some crappy games, but it looks like the selections are pretty good. Hope it comes to US soon.

Ugh, this is like that Konami series. Two Wii bars, two company logos, two CERO ratings and all...






Will that be the boxart? Ughhh...

Honestly, I never purchased a "Best of" or "Platinum" title because o this. It's ugly as hell and as a collector I simply don't want it. Also, I don't understand why not just reduce the price, but ok... each one his own.



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Best of bombs?

those boxes look mighty fine, atleast compared to the ones that xbox360 and ps3 have.

I like the boxes but I'm sure they will change if released in the West.

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Nice. Maybe we'll see a little bump to the sales of these titles, then. Would be nice for Muramasa and Arc Rise Fantasia.

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It's free advertising for Marvelous. They'll be pleased, especially since their games have performed worse in Japan, even proportionally.

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