how many games do you own that you haven't finished?

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how many games do you own that you haven't finished?

10% 19 23.46%
11-20% 8 9.88%
21%-30% 13 16.05%
31%-40% 10 12.35%
41%-50% 8 9.88%
51%+ 23 28.40%

A lot. I like to play games over a long period of time, so I can savor the really good ones. Problem is that new amazing ones come out, and I get sidetracked. I'll finish all of them eventually.

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111 incomplete games out of 229

I tend to finish my games 100% which is why it takes me while to get to ones I havent played yet.

Depends what you mean by finished...

What if you made it to the end, but didn't collect everything?
What if there is more than one ending, but you only played one way?
What if you didn't do all the side quests?
What if you beat it on easy but not the hardest difficulty?
What if you played the single player, but never multi-player?
What if you played lots of multi-player, but never bothered with the single player campaign?

(51+ to 31+ depending on what you consider finished)

possibly 70% of my games, i never get the time to finish my games anymore :(

Probably the half of them!

I know, i know, its a shame!

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hmm tons.

I have about 4 out of 26 games not completed. I don't count sports games though. I'm workin well I was workin on infamous but now I have uncharted 2 so yeah that's ganna take some time. I never finished prototype and regret buying it damn it the same thing all around which get really annoying after a while also ratchet&clank which I got bored of really quick. I think I won't finish infamous these year since I'm looking forward for HEavy rain,god of war3,GT5 and maybe AVP or MAG idk yet

I buy a lot of games and I usually never beat them... sometimes I don't even play them longer than 10-15 min... sometimes I don't even take off the wrapping. I'd say I'm more of a collector type.

BTW I don't plan to sell them later on, nor do I think they will be worth anything. Just that when they are out I like the idea of being able to say I have it.

Games I own and has yet to play them/ finish playing them:
Modern warfare 2
R&C Future: crack in time
Uncharted 2
R&C Future quest for booty
Bataman Arkham Asylum

I better start playing more cause there are games that I will be buying too.

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