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Maaaaaaario!? Mario?

What a great little game Luigi's Mansion was. It was short, but it was lovely and weird, and I'd play the hell out of a sequel. The Wii Remote as the vacuum cleaner hose? Awesome.

I'm not getting my hopes up, though. A new Nintendo of America trademark for Luigi's Mansion does not state that the name has been used before. Maybe it was a slip up. Maybe a rogue vacuum cleaner mixed up the documents in the Nintendo office. Maybe this is just a New Play Control remake.

God, a sequel would be fantastic. Perhaps this time Luigi could get locked in the Playboy Mansion


I'm guessing New Play Controls but hopefully a sequel...

Former something....

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I would like a New Play Control for this and also a sequel haha. But also could just be them securing it such for protection from copyright infringement or what not.

maybe this is the surprising new game?

I was just about to post this myself! It's a nice add to the speculative fury over the 'mystery game' in Nintendo Dream. :)

Some posters at GoNintendo are drawing conclusions that both stories are linked, but I remain uncertain.

Somebody also said that all 'New Play' games are being discontinued. Does anybody know if this is true or false?

New Play Control: Luigi's Mansion most likely, although Luigi's Mansion 2 would be sweet

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Man I loved Luigi's Mansion... and I didn't even own the game. Played it and beat it over five times... good times.

It sort of reminds me of The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland/World. Spooky yet silly, fun yet suspenseful... it's a great mix of a beloved character in a brand new setting.

I want moar.

Please stop with the ports, I don't want more New Play Control, besides they don't sell!!! Please make a Luigi's Mansion 2 Nintendo, I'm begging!!!

Luigi Mansion Sensor FRISSON

Luigi's Mansion is the best Mario game(In my opinion LM counts as a Mario game) I have ever played and hope that this is a sequel or at least a good N.P.C.

Please Nintendo give me a sequel not a port.

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