When was the last time you played with your PS2?

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Playing Kingdom Hearts II right now.

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about 3 months ago for FF12.

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I send my PS2 and most of my games to my cousins in the Philippines... farewell~!

Last time I played was on the PS3, probably a year ago, playing Dynasty Warriors 4. The game is still so much fun, as such co-op beat-em-ups are hard to find nowadays. I guess it's because Koei's latest entries, well, suck.

March 07, A.K.A. when I got my PS3

My PS2 died and I didn't noticed until I tried to turn it on some weeks back I play my Ps2 games in my MGS4PS3. My friend and I blast the shit off the PS3 with Smuggler's Run 2 almost weekly, He has Modern Warfare 1 and we still prefer some four-wheel armaggeddon.. xD I am also playing Onimusha Dawn of Dreams.

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been playing it pretty often since my ps3 is not bc with ps2 games

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Does GoW PS3 collection counts ?

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Disgaea 1+2 a few months back.

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Last week I got, Vice city stories...Well I started it up but then someone called me to go somewhere....Don't know if it really counts as playing on my PS2 =p..


last year when i got the persona games