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Ok we all know they make good games. That's why we became fans of them. But how did it happen. Also why did you stick with them
all these years.  I guess I  can start. I was at a friend's house and decided to play his Gamecube. I liked it alot. So I decided to get one.
Back in 2003.  In 2007 I got a Wii. I only got it for only Brawl. I got a DS to play Pokemon Diamond. Those are the reasons why I got into
and got the systems of nintendo.
Your turn

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A game I'm developing with some friends:


It is largely a technical exercise but feedback is appreciated.

I'm an Early 80's kid, most of us have played the original NES.......maybe even the Atari, but the jump from Atari to the NES was huge for us back then, and thus at least I am a nintendo Fanboy.

Christmas, I was young too young to remember the my exact age. Unwrapped a present and voila it was the NES! Still my favorite console to date. Bought Nintendo ever since, I'm 26 now.

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SNES, then N64, then the GBA, then the DS, and thats about it


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Well when i was about 5, I played the NES. Such a great console. I spent wonderful times playing that little machine.

Well my first console was a Sega MegaDrive (the II edition one) which I had bought because one of my friends had one and Micro Machines is awesome.

In about 1998 I think, I bought an N64 for £75 in Sainsbury's with F1 World Grand Prix II in the box.... I wouldn't say I was a Nintendo fan then though, still just a light gamer buying a few games, not really properly aknowledging that i had bought a console from a different company, my friend (different one to the one who had the MegaDrive) had The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for his N64, I was sceptical at first about the concept behind the game, but we took it in turns playing and apart from sleep and such pretty much spent an entire 3 days playing the game from start to finish.

That was when I became a Nintendo fan.

Having said that, OoT is certainly my least favourite Zelda... it has aged.

I played NES games everyday when I was 3-6 year old (it was like 1996-1998, though), and the only games I remembered are Mario-related games and Mega Man games, and Contra (my dad say I could beat it without dying, but I don't know if it's true or not). Then, my relatives from the US came and brought an SNES (lol, I tend to be a generation late, eh?), and I played it every summer until I was 11, repeating Super Mario World and Mega Man X to death. When I came to the US, I didn't have much chance to play games, so I dropped it for a while.

Several years ago, when I had a chance to play Zelda Minish Cap on the GBA (my first Zelda and I had a blast with it) and learned that it was made by the same Nintendo who created the Marios I enjoyed so much back then, I became their fan instantly :p. It's also what got me interested in the Wii.

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I played my aunt's snes with mario world, but it wasn't until my uncle gave me a gamecube with pikmin, a rondom soccer game I hated and mario kart double dash I started true gaming and nintendo fan