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darkshadow23 said:
My brother just got back into play THUG (Tony Hawks UnderGround) Online. He hasn't played it in over 4 years. Anyways I play Socom 2 every now and then. I bought Socom Confrontation and heard people saying how that game was crap and socom 2 is so much better so I wanted to try it out. Tried the online and it was actually pretty good. I don't play it much but it's a good game.

SOCOM II is the definition of a Tactical Shooter. For me the series went down hill after 3.

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I tend to play my PS2 more then my PS3 and 360 combined... most months though not this month.

I blame it on neither HD system getting a quality SRPG. I mean, Valkyria chronicles was good... but there is no replay value there... at all. It's a one and done game in a genre that is usually hailed for it's replayability.

Still, i play a LOT of videogames, so there is a lot of time to go around.