Do you still play with Ps2?

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I've spent more hours on PS2 games this gen than on any of the current gen games.

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Its all I use my PS3 for.

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Yes, I still play with my PS2 a lot. Sometimes, I'm in the mood for some Silent Hill, Nocturne, Persona 3 or DMC3. I recently finished replaying Digital Devil Saga 2 and almost done with Xenosaga III.

same here cant enjoy them any more only played my ps2 games on my ps3 like a few times back in 08 had a blast with it yrs ago though

more of a blast then with my ps3 even


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I still play GT4 but i stopped using my PS2 for it and am using my PS3 to play my old PS2 rpgs now and then. The PS3 smoothing helps the old PS2 games look a little better.

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Well yeah, sometimes. I mean my PS3 isn't backwards compatible and my idiot friend sold his for 400$ with 5 games. I mean wtf.

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gamefreak4ever said:
Xen said:
10 times more than PS3 or any other console.

Its' library combined with the PS1 destroys anything that was ever produced - sans SNES.

Duh that accumlated that amount over 10 yrs...

And? I barely touch my PS3 or any other console.


I still play mine. Disgaea and GTA are still awesome series on that system.

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Yeah, I actually just got finished playing Kingdom Hearts like 20 minutes ago. (I think it was the 12th time I've beaten it.) I'm gonna play KHII in a half hour or so.

i kinda do. i mean i haven't touched it yet but i have like 10 ps2 games i picked up the past few months at cheap prices. so yes i still do play my ps2. i even bought a ps2 slim just in dedication to being a ps2 owner!

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