Do you still play with Ps2?

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I just can't enjoy Ps2 games like I used to.



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But I never had one.....

I'm not playing my Xbox anymore though. Mainly because I cannot connect it to my monitor and I don't want to play anything on my 11" TV anymore.....

10 times more than PS3 or any other console.

Its' library combined with the PS1 destroys anything that was ever produced - sans SNES.

well id love to play ps2 games if they were remastered in HD! lol

I play DDR every single day on my PS2.

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I've tried to play some of my old favorite Ps2 games and I get bored very quickly, just not the same as it used to be, and it actually hurts my eyes to play some of the games because of the amount of visible polygons and my eyes don't focus well

Just waiting for that PS Vita to come out so I can play some full featured games on the go with that beautiful screen and control scheme...

I still have around 16 games to finish, so am playing it alot

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There's so many good games to play on PS2 that it's hard to play them all in a decade.

Just started on Final Fantasy XII a few days ago on my fiancee's PS2.

Although its hard to get into some games, quality will always be quality.

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Star Wars battle front II daily and PES games are cheaper on that system