Is Madworld worth it's current price of $19.99?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is Madworld worth it's current price of $19.99?

Love the game.

Dont regret paying full price.

Its a great buy at 10 or 20 bucks.

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I bought it at $12 new. It was a steal at that price. Most shovelware sells for $15-20 right? So this is definitely worth at least that much.

I haven't found the game repetitive, but I only play two levels at a time at most. Maybe playing it like that has kept it fresh for me.

I actually like the announcers. I loved "Who's Line is it Anyway?" so I was a bit excited when I heard Greg Proops voice.

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I liked that game alot, Id say its worth more

yeah it's worth around $30 probably, you can get it on amazon now for $13 though.

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I think it's worth more..maybe about 25 or 30$us. Anyway I was always thinking that all Wii games should be around 39.99$us at launch...i'll keep dreaming.


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I absolutely adore this game, and will soon be picking this up for 12 bucks from newegg (i use gamefly, but i tend to buy games i want to keep, i.e. HOTD Overkill). The overall game is fun, its not longer than it needs to be (that said, i would've appreciated more boss battles) and, by far my favorite part of the game - the commentators.

yes, they were ridiculously juvenile - but one of the voices was the voice of bender, and anyone that loves bender from futurama will surely get a thrill from the commentators in Madworld. I would love to see a commentator feature in more games, simply because its downright silly and adds humor to something that would otherwise be a somewhat disturbing game (yes, sticking an enemy ass-first onto a road spike is funny to me, but hearing the commentators made me want to do it again and again)


At that price I might pick it up


I think I'd rather save up for Muramasa

I mean I just bought Bayonetta, and God of War is coming out soon

Of course this is all just opinion but you asked for feedback,i just don't think a game should be faulted for "not being funny" or a beat em up being faulted for being repetitive,this is like calling HOTD: Overkill repetitive because you just point and shoot but that hatered come from the genre and not the game.

About NMH: Let's wait a week to call No More Heroes 2 the better game.

13 bucks at Newegg.


Also, don't forget to pick up House of the Dead Overkill as well for 13 bucks. Here is the link.


These are great prices for these two great games and really the two games that mainly wanted me to get a Wii. I believe Amazon has the same pirces too. Two great games for a bargain. Don't pass these deals out even though they do come and go.

The game packs hit so I believe its worth more.