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Wow!  Looked at your list of games...looks like you being playing for quite some time....


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I am sensing that this is tongue in cheek, like a parody on the 3rd party comments on supporting the Wii.

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Zucas said:

Yep just they are bland and not well thought out... something at least you don't get in RPGs... generic or not.  They always are focused on the stories and characters and the battles in them.  I mean with having bought Darksiders, Bayonetta, and a back catalogue of some other titles, I really think I might go and play Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World for a 3rd playthrough just because I think i'll get more out of the experience.  I actually just played through Crystal Bearers two times through.  Game isn't a great game by any standard, not an RPG, but it has a pretty good story and a unique way of playing and I enjoyed that. 

I guess one of the main things that really made me realize how bland gaming is starting to get was when I bought New Super Mario Bros Wii and played through that game.  There was no intense cut scenes or brutal action or blood and gore or anything like that.  You run across a side scrolled level, jump on enemies heads, while listening to calm yet atmospheric music.  It's pure fun and difficult at the same time.  I mean out of all the games I played in 2009, that one was probably the most fun I had.  It just got me thinking, all these other things we add in games are nice, but if you add them without them contributing to the fun, you just saturate the game as a whole.  Maybe developers will start to realize that we want more features but we want them to be fun as well because that is what gamign is about... enjoying the experience. 

Is your PS2 collection complete or not? If it is you really need to try out Persona 4, KH2, DQ VIII, Tales of Abyss, etc. Ignore all the newer games and play older ones if the newer ones aren't doing it for you.

Actually even if the newer ones are doing it for you I'd still try out older ones. Way cheaper too.

xlost4 said:
there is a huge difference between crap-ware games and medoicre games. i'm talking mediocre games that did not get much good news from the press but certainly dropped in price for easy pick-up.

no game is trash unless you think its trash. something that is crap-ware (go barbie dress up or catz for the ds or fake workout games on the wii) to you might be awesome to me. for example you might not like ridge racer 6 and it might be a crappy game to you but i certainly find enjoyment out of it and i just purchased it today for $5 at GameStop.

also, i did contradict myself in the previous post just because it was 2am in the morning and really i didn't know what i was saying

so to tell you the truth i am a video game collector meaning i will collect anything that catches my eye and i will have fun with even if its cheap.

one, i don't go and follow what whatever the industry says is the best game. i go by my taste...

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Mmm, OK, now you quite cleared your point and it is fair enough.


Sounds like an addiction if you're worried about the amt of gameplay...


No, dont fulfill her/his head with spiderwebs ! No addiction, she/he(sorry dont know what is this poster), ok, you only need to rest a little bit for gaming, let for a dozen of gems to come out and later start to play again.


Just like i did, now i have got a lot os CHEAP, GREAT games on line for playing and i know i will enjoy them the most !

gamefreak4ever said:
Majin-Tenshinhan said:

I don't know if anybody even cares, really, but I just wanted to alert all of you that I'll be cutting back on gaming, and by extension, maybe cutting back on VGChartz as well.

As is fairly evident, I'm a pretty avid gamer and I buy a lot of games. Thing is, I've realized, due in large part to Assassin's Creed II that I'm just not having fun. Some games I'm having loads of fun with, but a lot of games I play just aren't doing it for me, at all. And I need to stop spending money on them. I'm not saying Assassin's Creed II is a bad game - Far from it. It's clearly a very well-made game, but during the 10 or so hours I've invested into it I really just haven't had a lick of fun. And I say this as someone who really enjoyed the first game. I don't even know why, I'm just not enjoying it much at all.

So this year I'll be cutting back on my gaming purchases. I am in no way quitting gaming, because I still have tons of fun when equipped with the right game, but I'll be cutting down, perhaps severely, on the games I purchase and the games I play. As a result of this, I may end up posting a lot less around here (something I feel has already happened these last few weeks).

Like I said, I have no idea if anybody even cares, I just wanted to get this off my chest to all of you. I'm just really happy that I haven't lost touch with gaming entirely, because I still feel great amounts of joy from a lot of games (for example, Nintendo-games, which have always been my true passion within gaming).

Sounds like an addiction if you're worried about the amt of gameplay...

I don't want to sound aggressive here, but I have no idea why people fail to read my post at all. Everyone seems to interpret it as me quitting gaming, I've even pointed out that I won't even be cutting down on the amount of gameplay, just the amount of games I buy.

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