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Nice to see people that are not preordering this game are still buying it on first day. Now I am feeling better towards this game doing better lifetime and first week.



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It should do better. The game has built somewhat of a name for itself, and the sequel is supposed to be a significant improvement.

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I still tell everyone I know that No More Heroes is one of the most refreshing videogames on the market today in terms of humor and storyline. Videogames need to not take themselves too seriously. Now that Suda seems to have deepened the gameplay experience, whilst maxing out the Otaku style, I have only high hopes that this will be an amazing experience.

Wow, you are just like every other blind Wii fanboy. I will buy or pre-order games that I am interested in. I didn't pre-order NMH2 because you are like "OMGZ SUPPORT TEH HADRCORE WII GAMEZ AND BUY THEM!!!!!!".


I'm tired of this crap. The fanboys, including myself bought The Conduit and look how much that game sucked. So why should a random Wii owner buy this game if they aren't interested in it?

yeah but unlike the conduit no more heroes is a good game and the second will be better Suda 51 definitely needs more renown.

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Gamerace said:
I will probably buy this game, but not at launch as I am already getting Sky Crawlers, and Tatsunoko Vs Capcom and maybe Pinball Hall of Fame Gotlieb Collection.

Still need to get Silent Hill, FF:CC:CB and Boy and his Blob too. Hate to say it, but this will probably get purchased after a price drop.

gottlieb pinball isn't nearly as strong as the williams collection, the nudge is almost worthlessly weak rendering some of the strongest tables very difficult to play  with central park, which in my opinion is the strongest table, is nearly unplayable

anyway I'll be picking up this, sky crawlers and tatsunoko vs capcom all next thursday trading in one of my spare neo geo for the three


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I am buying the game because it looks crazy fun. If my contribution doesnt add up to justify them making a 3rd game in the serious......oh well. Life goes on.

just enjoy the moment and stop worrying about the future.

I don't even remembered that the game will be released this month. This isn't good... I hoped that it at least had the internet hype of the first...

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Don't worry Suda. The pre-order receipt is in my wallet!

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You crazy, God of War III has been crazy advertised since it's E3 demo debut last year. Even since 2008 when they showed that teaser trailer haha. I mean whether it has been putting it in mags, in store adverts, shown at events, demos in games (God of War Collection or District 9 demo inclusion on blu-ray), they have spent loads of money and time to keep this relevant in the gaming news and mainstream. There's no telling how much money they've already spent on marketing and we haven't even hit big time commercial advertising yet haha. No More Heroes 2 on the other hand has had very little of this. Biggest advert for it was probably when it was announced then it has been slowly and somewhat advertised for its release. I do expect some commercial advertising this time, but game has not been kept at the same levels of GoW III.

Should still have a decent opener as the core gamers pick it up, but obviously won't hit the mainstream immediately or the other core gamers that aren't as big into the industry as us. Not surprising because Ubisoft did the same with the first one.