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Day one for me.

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I'm getting it first week, but I never preorder. I mean, I walk into the store on the launch day for NSMBWii and Brawl and picked up a copy. Release week for NMH, MKWii, and SMG. I think most Wii gamers don't ever preorder. The game will do fine.

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Not pre-ordering.
Depends on deals, I will be getting it, eventually.

It's pretty high on my must-have list but I have a gigantic backlog of games to catch up first.

I didn't pre-order it because Amazon didn't offer the $10 off future game purchase credit like they did with TvsC. I plan on getting it before April. I think it will have 105k first week WW and 450K WW LTD sales.

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i'll definitely buy this and tvc but no pre order ...... from what i"v seen wii owners dont pre order they just buy the game when its come out

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I pre-ordered it on Amazon, but I have a feeling a lot of people will wait for it to go on sale or grab it down the road when they get more cash. I'm sure it will do as well as the first one which was only 500k copies LTD or close to that, so I'm sure Suda knew ahead of time sales would be at or below the first one before going off making another NMH.

It's just that simple.

I could understand buying it later on if you have a backlog of games, but the content within the sequel is enough that you are getting a pretty lengthy game at full price.

I'm trying to build up some cash as fast as I can in the next two weeks, but I'm getting it ASAP.

And I will be extremely pissed off at Ubisoft if I don't see any ads for this by the middle of February.

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I pre-order NMH2 and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and paid in full.


I've definitely buying it, but not on it's first week, maybe a month after.

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Well the first one managed to get some respectable numbers, after all its a Suda game we are talking about. Im hoping that the sequel will make it passt half million, tough successfull Wii sequesl surprised us massivly in both positive and negative ways...