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BTW Konnichiwa you are the man . you crack me up

I am WEEzY. You can suck my Nintendo loving BALLS!



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FishyJoe said:

Actually no, nothing I can remember at least. Every knows my point of view and such. I've had more confrontation with you jjseth than I ever had with Konnichiwa, which is why I don't understand his animosity. That's why on the other thread where he attacked me out of the blue I was surprised. Then when I told him to stop it, he freaked out. He does seem to launch verbal attacks against me, but nothing that personal before.

His ban that time before was cut short to only a couple hours since the server crashed. I let it go and didn't enforce the penalty. I thought I was giving him a break and it was ok. Apparently not.

He doesn't deserve a permaban for pissing you off.  It's not as if he does this every day or comes back under aliases to harass other posters.   Naznatips and Montana (shockingly!) both agree.   Just give him some time to cool off.

Fishy... I really cannot remember having confrontations with you. If we did, it was something minor and before you were a mod and I let it go. But it seemed as though you re-fueled that "e-fight" with Konnichiwa by posting what he said in another thread as ammunition against him and what he was posting about in this topic.

Sometimes it takes a bigger man to let things go and not hold a grudge. I know I hold none over anyone on this site. I'm here to talk about video games and stuff like that. And of course the occasional off topic banter.


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this topic does remind me of the times i first came 2 the site^^ really rewarding and joyfull

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I just thought it was a bit ironic someone who has threatened other people would post a thread about threatening other people. Really, I though he would just laugh it off and say he was drunk or something. But it really creeped me out when it seems like he really meant it.

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keep up the good work, u are doing ok.

 "I think people should define the word crap" - Kirby007

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Stof is the head mod and he ok'ed this so that's the end of the discussion really. There's nothing productive going on here so I'll be locking this now. ;>