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FishyJoe vs MontanaHatchet!!

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Everyone knows I'd win.



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Dallinor said:
Is that a permaban for Konnichiwa?

At least he didn't ask Satan for dark powers.

Still a perma-ban is pretty harsh; especially for a single offense. A one-day would probably be a more responsible choice. Chances are konnichiwa will have calmed down by tomorrow.

He's been acting up a lot lately though with his strange and irrational bias against fishyjoe.



This is like the second time he got banned for going off on fishyjoe. Fishy is like his kryptonite or something.

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why does he hate Fishyjoe?
This thread made me laugh XD

Even though FishyJoe has thousands of posts, and I swear I'm addicted to VGChartz and I'm here on half the threads every day, I somehow almost NEVER see his posts. I've been here for months and the first time I saw a FishyJoe post I thought he was new. I must be crazy. But yeah that other thread was hilarious.

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A permanent ban is uncalled for. It was a stupid thing to say, but a few days is plenty for him to cool off.

What a strange thread. You think it's going in one direction and BAM, never even see it coming.

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