Anyone believe or hope Microsoft will leave the videogame business?

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I can't believe this thread is not locked yet. It was plainly obvious this was starting for flaming. No one that owns an X360 would wish this.  t would have been like asking Dreamcast owners if they wanted Sega to drop out when they did. IMO I'd rather Nintendo drop out and just make gaming software. Too wish them out of the industry is just insane. They been in the gaming industry WAY before they started doing the Xbox. Microsoft has done PC games for years.

 How our favorite systems are just like humans and sometimes have issues finding their special someone...

Xbox 360 wants to KinectPS3 wants to Move!  Why are both systems having such relationship problems?  The reason is they both become so infactuated with desire while watching the Wii as it waggles on by. They simply want what they can't have.

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competition is the best thing for everybody, even ps3 owners. And why leave the race when you are in a pretty good position ??

Why should the best console* leave?




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oni-link said:

To be honest I wouldn't mind Sony leaving the gaming industry.  None of their 1st party exclusives interest me, and most 3rd party titles are sometimes better played on the X360( if the developer really wanted to put effort on it). Sony has always been kinda' generic for me. I PERSONALLY like Nintendo's AND Microsoft's offering more.  I don't see the PS3 as anything special as a game player but it is one of the best Blu-Ray player out there so I'll give em that!!! C'mon how long can Sony stay as they are getting crushed by the competition since this generation began!!!  Sony=Sega, PS3=DC!!!

Um the ps3 has by far the strongest 1st party line up, what does MS have thats first party, halo and gears and thats about it, ps3 has folklore, The last guardian, Demon souls, 3D dot heroes, GOW3, Infamous, Uncharted, LBP so if all that doesn't interest you how the hell can halo and gears, honestly whats wrong with you and yes 3rd party games are sometimes better on the 360 and sometimes there better on the ps3 or PC with maybe about 8 exceptions total almost all games are for all real world purposes identical 

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As much as I dislike the 360 as a console and the fact everyone ignores it's many many faults including next to no good exclusives (pc/360 games are NOT exclusive) I have to admit it has done alot for gaming, by pure accident of course,

Wow...pathetic, pc/360 games ARE exclusives if you are talking console (which most people are since Console gaming and PC gaming are very different), and aside from RROD (which has been all but eliminated) and overpriced paraphernalia (which are, for the most part, completely unnecessary) I see no other faults. 

Without the xbox we wouldn't have the trophies/acheivement system (which some games benefit from and other games it's kinda tacked on, Mirror's Edge is one that added gameplay value), online on the ps3 probably wouldn't be as good as it is now, alot of PC devs would of stayed on the PC (bioware and valve most notably), and alot of the great first party Sony games that came out these past years might not have if it wasn't for the competition, so yea, personally I'd rather Windows fail and MS leave that and someone capable steps in and make a OS that works without needing 2 gigs more ram for any game you want to play compared to any other OS 


Console exclusive doesn't mean exclusive it means it's also on PC, the definition of exclusive is  Not divided or shared with others, pc/360 games are shared between 360 and pc and NOT exclusive, and RROD has been eliminated lol, maybe with the newest consoles but 5 years later is pathetic and what about paying for live with no extra benefits you don't see that as a problem?

You are using semantics, the oldest trick in the book. Unfortunately, when a person says a PC/360 game is an exclusive, they don't specify it as a CONSOLE exclusive. At that point, even though it is clear they are talking console exclusives, all the fanboys jump them and start crying foul. It's not gonna fly with me. A PC/306 game IS a CONSOLE exclusive. The forum rules even back me up on this. PC/360 games are not shared with any other console, they are ONLY on the 360, you can;t get them on the PS3 or the Wii, therefore they ARE exclusives.

As  I stated before RROD HAS been all but eliminated, the chipset before the 360S was VERY reliable, and with a three year warranty on such failures, it's much better than the PS3, which seems to fail just outside of the warranty with the YLOD.

As for live, well, the network is better, it has more features, it's less buggy. and it's cheap. Sorry but your arguments are simply not valid buddy. I mean, I get that you hate all things MS, but really, do you need to pull out the old tired arguments that have been debunked time and time again? At least come up with something that is worth debating.

Console exclusive doesn't mean exclusive though, it means the game is also on the PC 

the 360s failrate wasn't even in industry standards with the jasper set, they never fixed the underline problem they just deluded the symptoms slightly, anyone that thinks MS fixed the problem back then is just believing their hype for no good reason 

How is the network better? Cross game chat is the only extra feature, the less buggy thing is pure bull as for it being cheap how about you send me 50 dollars a year and I'll provide you with better air then you get for free, only it isn't better I'm just saying it is and none of my arguements have ever been debunked saying bullshit does not debunk an argument 

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Sega Vs Nintendo : that was the good time...

DirtyP2002 said:

Why should the best console* leave?




agree !!!