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I have played madden and all the other EA Sports games for the Wii. I love everyone of them and I think with the new Wiimote you can now really get into the game more then ever. I do not think I can ever play NBA Live 2008 by hitting a buttion ever again.



 EA Sports did a geat job with all the games they have. Madden they made it the bomb with the snap and catching. You can imagen really catching the ball and being Chad Johnson running for the TD. Also throwing the ball 60 yards for the TD. When I play NBA Live I feel like I am really going for the slam or for the three when I imagen. With FIFA when I am runnig with the ball and kick it I can see like I kicked and scored like the winning goal. They really hit every aspect of the Wii and used the motion to really get me at least into the game. I feel like I am into the game and like I said I do not think I can ever just hit a buttion play madden or fifa again!!!!


Well I do not know if this is on the PS3 or PS2 if they have problems with there online.  Every time I go onto the EA online for any of there Wii games I have problems. Madden when ever I go on there I can connect to there servers. then when I find someone to play me I connect with them and then I loose connecting with them. It takes me like 10mins just to finally get into. Then when I go into the game I play it and it seems like every thing is fine. Then most of the time it will freeze and say you lost connection. With NBA Live 2008 I sametimes can connect with there servers or I can;t even get into a game. It just said you lost connection with the other person or no connection. I did not even try with fifa and this is bullshit.

I feel like they did not even put any effort into there online gameplay for the Wii. If they are having problems with servers to me and can't keep having problems. This link said they should of fixed madden problem (http://www.videogamesblogger.com/2007/08/16/ea-fixing-madden-nfl-08-wii-online-mode-in-the-next-24-hours.htm) and it seem like they did not. Also NBA and FIFA had same problem from what people say. Well if they are going to have shitty online they should eather shut it down for a while to fix it or just do not have it. I want to  kick someone ass on NBA Live 2008, but EA Nation sucks ass!!!!