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Hi guys! I am a Silent Hill fan and started to play Shattered Memories 3 days ago. I wasn't veru sure if the game was going to be good enough for me considering the main character didn't use weapons.... OMG, I was totally wrong!

This game is GREAT! It is a MUST have for the Wii!

The controls with the wiiremote are quite good. It is great how well you can control the flashlight and explore all the corners with it.

And when you are in the 'other' world and you have too escape because those creatures are chasing you....well done! Makes you feel with a lot of tension. At first I didn't know how to move the WiiMote to release myself from that monsters, but once I learnt It was much more easier to survive.

Graphics are quite good for the Wii. one of the best looking games I have ever seen.

The action takes place in the same location than the original Silent Hill for the PS1, but the plot, situations, locations, enemies, puzzles....all of that is totally new. It is a new silent hill game.

This is a message for all the gamers that own a Wii: go and BUY this game.


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I really want this game! Maybe ill buy it in the netx month.

**money problems**


Please make this game reach 500k

I got it for Christmas from my girlfriend and I'm in love with it. Definitely my second favorite Silent Hill game of all time.

It's in my top 5 games of the generation if that helps :P

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It's on my list. Glad it's a great game!

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It's a decent game. A little short, but it begs to be played again to dig further as you know more the second time. Only played a little so far on the second time, and it's fairly different even though I answer most of the questions the same. I stumbled in different buildings the second time, and when you pick one building it locks out a different, etc... Don't know if it would of been the same if I picked the same path or not, but it's obvious that to get all the collectables you would have to play more than once.

This is on my to-buy list. Just have to wait till it arrives in Europe.

A game I'm developing with some friends:


It is largely a technical exercise but feedback is appreciated.

It's the best survival horror that I played. Now that's really survival, Resident Evil looks like a shooter now compared to shattered memories.

And oh, the ending will blow your mind away dude ;)

I'd like to see more of this from Konami.

Please, do not tell me the ending! By the way, I hope it's different from the one I saw in the original PSX Silent Hill. I remember there were some diffetent endings depending on your actions in the game.