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puffy said:
Well people probably don't mean that they copied it directly because that'd be impossible. What they probably mean is that Microsoft, knowing that Apple are working on a new tablet, decided to unveil there own at CES which is exactly what they did and that's business. Nothing wrong with it.

broken logic.

The moment MS knows about this device made by Apple, Apple should have a big lead. MS stated dozens of times, especially Bill Gates back when he was CEO that he thinks tablets are the future. Check this 5 year old article about Bill Gates and his tablet PC


MS worked on this probably longer than Apple. Probably since 2001 or whatever. But hey, it is cool to say MS copied again.

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A company that claims another company copied a product that a third company hasn't even released yet? Wait, WHAT? The more I think about it the more my head spins.

And these people make more money than me.

There's the REAL broken logic.

Why must JRPG female leads suck so bad?

Isn't it HP which makes the Slate? oO

Also, I'd laugh so hard if Apple never jump in to this MID / tablet computing bandwagon. Instead they should announce something cool and completely different from tablets this year, just for lulz.

CommonMan said:
Barozi said:
CommonMan said:
The biggest German newspaper is called "Picture"? Very creative. . .

It's really hip to rip MS, everyone does it, why not "Picture" too?

95% of the newspaper consists of pictures, so I'd say it's a fitting name.

How do you say "Short Attention Span" in German? They could change it to that. . . Kurtz. . . uh something. . .

Kurze Aufmerksamkeitsspanne. Not too intuitive ;)