So whos buying Bayonetta Tomorrow?

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So whos buying Bayonetta Tomorrow?

I am! 20 22.73%
No i am not! 43 48.86%
Maybe! 9 10.23%
Angels R Awesome! 0 0.00%
Seraphics Avatar > Sephiroth! 3 3.41%
Apple Pie! 13 14.77%

Yup, this V8 Splash is tasting pretty good right now... ~_n


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Incidently the gift card looks like one of those pasted together blackmail letter.

I hAvE tHE BOy, THrEe mILlioN oR hiS HeAD!

I've seen videos of it, and from what I can tell. Unless I take substances I've never even dreamed of touching before, there is no possible way I'll ever understand that game. Like seriously. So, I guess... Rental?

Why must JRPG female leads suck so bad?

It's out in the UK tomorrow, and to ensure that i can play it to my hearts content first day i have booked tomorrow off work.

Can't wait to get started......!!!!!!!!!!!!

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