I am amazed how much the Wii gets ignored in the console wars.

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yeah its funny how people care more baout second place than first isnt it?
I think its because a lot of people dont get the wii as a hardcore console,more of a "everybody and their mums plays it" console

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The Wii has already WON the console war for this generation. People have already become accustomed to the Wii having very high sales (especially in comparison to the HD consoles). That's probably why most people try to ignore it and argue 360 vs PS3 as that battle is still up in the air.

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Did the same thing happen last gen with the ps2? I don't know cause I didn't go to gaming websites, but I doubt it.

cliffhanger said:
Did the same thing happen last gen with the ps2? I don't know cause I didn't go to gaming websites, but I doubt it.

It didn't, so all this "It's clear the Wii is the winner" reason for ignoring it is just another excuse.

The Wii has commited the ultimate sin. It's shattered the illusion about gaming going mainstream.

It's not what you think. It's that the current enthusiast gamers were convinced gaming was about to go mainstream, but as their kind of games. Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Halo, Grand Theft Auto. Those were supposed to break out into the mainstream, with the power of High Definition.

Nintendo came around and showed that Brain Age and Wii Fit were what the mainstream wanted even more than GTA. And then GTA IV gets outsold by a Mario Kart game that got dumbed-down and came with a plastic wheel.

Nintendo has become a literal iconoclast. They destroyed the notion that bigger, flasher, and more expsensive games were what the public was going for. The gaming press has done the only thing they can do short of admitting they were wrong. They are just trying to pretend the Wii doesn't count.

Ever seen those war movies where uptight commanders (especially 19th century British army) just refuse to accept a situation that isn't going the way they planned? That's what these people are doing. That's why the ignore the Wii. Facing it would be facing their own shortsightedness.

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Well i do remember going to the Game Cube section on GameFAQS once in a while and no one ever discussed about the Ps2 vs GC and such.

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the wii already won the generation as people say the really battle is for the second place.

richardhutnik said:

Maybe it is that first place seems out of the question, but whenever I see the console wars come up, the Wii gets discounted by comments such as:

* The Wii is for small children and old men.

* The Wii is a gimmick.

* Only casual people care about it.

* Only fat people are buying the Wii to get into shape.

* Sales numbers not equal quality.


I am left shaking my head at these comments.  I ran into them recently when discussing the PS3 vs 360 with someone, and bringing up how the Wii is leading in sales.  Anyhow, apparently the battle for second is what seems to matter the most in the console wars.

I'm assuming that person was me?


Anyway, your list is wonderful.

That tid-bit is true though, Sales DO NOT Equal the Quality of anything.

On another note, PS3 and 360 (Sometimes Even PC quite alot now an days to if its a PS3-PC game or more commonly 360-PC game.) are talked about more in general because they share various things. such as games, graphics, online modes, PSN and XBL (and Steam... lol), Friends, NXE & XMB, 720p & 1080p, theres just so much more to discuss between the HD's alone some gamers just forget the wii at most times regardless of its lead.

I believe its overall features then anything else.

they are just jealous about the wii domination.

I'm a gamer since the NES, owned PS etc.. xbox 360 too.. but I can say that I have fun with DS and Wii more than PS3 and Xbox360.

tehsage said:
Sorcery said:
tehsage said:
Sorcery said:
It's because very, very few talented development teams are working on the Wii compared to the PS3 and the 360. Most third parties have their best teams working on the PS3 or 360 (see: EA, Ubisoft, Capcom, etc).

The Wii is getting Monster Hunter Tri, though! :D

Does MH3, ports of great last-gen games, a lot of Resident Evil, and Zack & Wiki match up well against Dead Rising, Lost Planet, DMC4, RE5, SFIV, and Dark Void? :p

I think I enjoyed Zach and Wiki more than all the non Wii games mentioned together.

I guess Demon's Souls is no good.....oh wait, it's too hard for the casual market hehe nvm.

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