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stof said:
a 300 dollar fine doesn't really fit in with a cruelty to animal charge, especially one resulting in death of the animal. He should be looking at a significantly larger fine, community service, and strict limitations on future pet ownership. Oh yeah and he should be banned from owning skateboards.

Let's see then:

$600 fine
Community service for 6 months - 1 year.
Grounded for a year OR MORE
Skateboard banning



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man thats just sad i cant believe he hit the dog over the head with a skateboard......did he do it just for the heck of it?

If some punk came up at a bus stop (not that I hang out at bus stops) and smacked my dog, I would be in jail because that little shit would be under aforementioned bus about three seconds later.

And I don't even like my dog much. It's a stupid little rat my wife picked up before we met.

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ArtofAngels said:
Why did you post a thread about this and why do you find it funny? You lost every ounce of liking/respect I ever had for you.


I found him getting in trouble FUNNY, not the situation >_>



No. Don't know why he did it, but he was pissed.


No. Don't know why he did it, but he was pissed.


 damn....when im pissed i usually just play guitar hero or play some wii sports but i dont think id hit a dog with a skateboard

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do you mean pissed as in angry or pissed as in drunk?

Either way it is sick, if it was my Dog I would have beaten himto a pulp.

And why do you find a situation where someone hit a dog in the head with a skateboard funny? The fact that you find it funny that he is getting in trouble makes you almost as bad as him in my books.

Ya know, I had a friend once who called a little dog over just so he could kick it. That was the last time I saw him.

You should do the same Soriku, people like that are just not who you should have as friends. That was really f***ed up regardless if the dog had died or not.

Same here, another MURDER would've taken place if that dog was mine....

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Angry. And I already explained the 'funny' problem. I'm not explaining it again >_>

Holy crap. If my kid ever did this, he would be grounded till he was 18. That and he would be in counseling as often as the counselor felt was necessary.

Soriku, I think people are upset that you find any part of this funny, no matter if it because your "friend" will get in trouble. I think the expected reaction to your friends situation would be revulsion, period.