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if he had killed a baby it would have been forgivable, but a dog?!?!? he's going to rot in hell that's for sure.

so are you still going to be friends with this killer? it could be you next.

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No, I don't think it's that funny. I think it's cruel, I was laughing at him.

Thats a criminal offense (at least here in Australia). Big trouble coming his way - and he deserves it.

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That's more than a dumbass...that's juvi hall material there.

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Instant many posts = expected


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What a POS

seriously due cut ties and bail on his lame ass--what they need to due is lock his punk butt in a hole and let him rot for a few weeks--then let him out only to kick his @#$@@#$$


How can you laugh

It's an innocent doggy guys...


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I laughed for a bit...but it's pretty cruel =/

If it was my dog, he would have been drinking his meals through a straw. Hopefully he'll end up in jail. People who abuse animals become serial killers and rapists. Lose the friend.