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Did anybody buy Mario & Sonic today? I'd like to hear some impressions - is it a worthy successor to Wii Sports, how do you like it?

I really wonder why there's not a single review so far - the Amazon sales ranking doesn't look good either (#24 at the moment). To me it seems like something's gone wrong in the marketing department...
Whatever, I'm looking forward to it, but being an EU citizen I'll have to wait a little longer. 

If you find any review on teh webz, please post it here.


Update: Reviews

Gamepro: 70%
1up: 60%
IGN: 79%
Gamespot: 60%
GameDaily: 60%
GameZone: 75%

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This is available now?

Nintendo, Nintendo...it's bad enough that you're ignoring your second-stringers like BWii and Fire Emblem, this should be one of your big games! Where are the review copies and the ads?

I'm not even that interested in this game...but really, this is shameful.

I was at EBGames at around 1pm today and picked up COD4 for the DS. I didn't see any copies of Mario & Sonic. They had copies of Fire Emblem though.

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I don't think the game is said to ship until today so most stores should have it by TH.

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Yes, stores will be receiving this today, so it may be on shelves later today, or tomorrow or Thursday.


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Another marketing blunder by Nintendo? The Wii is great and most of the games have legs but.....

I have been impressed with how Nintendo has managed the Wii, but come on, they could learn a little from Microsoft on this one.

Ever since Metroid I wondered if Nintendo would use some of it's muscle/money to let everyone know the software drought is over, apparently they assume everyone will find out magically.

I expected it with DDR, Zack & Wiki, BW2 maybe but Mario & Sonic? I saw tons of things for Boogie and that was garbage.

I was thinking of buying the game but no impressions online, no reviews, bleh. I guess I could wait but by then I will have moved on to Galaxy and Rayman.

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Everyone's dumping on Nintendo but I haven't heard a word from Sega either. There really should have been some kind of joint marketing effort. Then again Nintendo's been doing this weird thing where they don't start advertising some games until after they're released. And then there's the olympics which is probably where most of the marketing budget is going to anyway...

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is a sega game, so it's not really nintendo's fault its not being marketed well.

Blame Sega for this one guys, not Nintendo.

And for the record...their "viral" ads with the guys in Mario and Sonic costumes was pretty funny...only saw it online though, not on TV.

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From memory, Sega publishing the game in the US (and Europe?) - with Nintendo handling the game in Japan.

With the Olympics still 9(?) months from starting - this is a long term project. Don't expect to see skyrocketing sales or promotions just yet.

Its a certain buy for me when it hits Australian shores. Perfect fiddle to WiiSports & MarioParty 8, and something anyone should be able to play. 

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