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Im ranked 14th in tekken with Lili. I pretty much own you all.

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I'm ranked I played this game twice and stopped and then I play Blazblue and right now I'm leaving my arcade sticks on turbo to get thelast trophy I will platinum it by tomorrow go Tekken!

when are we gonna get this goin?

Good initiative.
I'm game.

Check out my game about moles ^

I'm happy to join...but I cant play any online matches atm as my online is'nt working too well on my PS3 but i'm in the process of fixing it. :)

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Count me in

i play alisa and i m ok not great(rank 500 in the WW rank)

I hate rage quitters and have not once quit a game.

what else???

i have won people with 2000 win and only 20 losses,,,but i have lost to people with 14 win and 10 losses lol

so i m messed up :P


u seem to be a tekken enthusiast .my question is that why you have never played a ranked match online?




You can sign me up for any tournaments or things like that you's will be arranging. I'm a bit busy lately so I'm not online as much as I used to be so if yous give me a day or twos notice on the tournaments I can make myself available. I'll bookmark this topic aswel and check on it from time to time.

il do tourneys although I am absolutely awful!

I want to inform everybody that wants to play get ready, when I get back from work in later 2nite ill be hosting a room