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This would mean that out of the 35 million sold, app 12 million have re-purchased due to console failure. This shows the ps3 as having overtaken the xbox in legitimate sales. Considering that the xbox was released a year earlier, it has been beaten in sales by the ps3 by a very big margin.

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I sense a flame war and sum banning soon...

Really though, it is surprising that people would re-buy after a failure. Though I guess that the investment in games and hardware makes it hard to move on to a competitor.


How can this be a flame war. I have just stated facts as published in the article on Gamespot.


Chances are you will get flamed and this will start a flame war trust me.

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To the mod that is going to ban demon123:

Can you write " You had a 100% failure rate" as the reason why demon was banned.......for the lol's

N64 is the ONLY console of the fifth generation!!!

Why can't we have a civil discussion instead of preempting banning?

Give it up and go and buy yourself both consoles as I have done, you will then see things in a whole new light and not belive evertything you read over the internet..

Yeah...but how would you explain the attach rate of software on the 360 as compared to the PS3?


If, he is banned, it's going to be for dredging up an old article, and trying to start a flame war with inflammatory comments...

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MS fix these consoles for free

so why buy a new console ?

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