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After some christmas mario kart with friends and family its made me realise how little i play on my wii online compared to my 360/ps3 and even how horribly barren my wii friends list looks.

I want to change that and i suggest we start by sharing our friend codes in this thread. I also think we should send our new wii friend our personal mii so it can be attached on the friends list just to make it look that little bit more vibrant.

Ill start, my friend code is 1079-7024-8039-6251

once we pair up with each other we can send our mii's in messages or even attach it when sending the request (i think).

Lets help build a better wii online community!!!


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1. There already exists threads like this with hundreds of Wii codes.
2. This is why everyone's profile has a wii code option.
3. Check my profile and PM me. But, an exchange of codes is kinda pointless outside of secret santa and specific games.

do mario kart codes count, but when you called all wii owners you never called me I refuse to put my codes