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on japan's PSN and XBL site

anyone tried it yet ?


I'm currently downloading it now on XBL via silver


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I played it a couple days ago when it came out on PSN, its really good.

The music changes depending on the pacing of the battle, battle system is fun too!

Day one buy for sure.

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Same here, me Xx and Miro all played it about 3 to 5 days ago from PSN.

The battle system is weird at first, but it gets real gooood once you get the hang of it, all in all, its day 1 most likely lets just say that.

BTW, reabeal = CHEAP ass! Vashron = Pretty boy but not to good... and Zephrer or whatever his name is = SPAM! lulz


tried the demo from psn.

battle system was new but battle music was pig awful. i think it was just a battle demo, its looking like an srpg style battle i hope there is good exploration and quests in game.

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I hated the battle system.
But a demo of an RPG can be quite misleading {Blue Dragon!} & so I'll try not to judge the game based on a very early & incomplete experience.

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