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I played both Nights and Christmas Nights. Couldn't tell you the first thing about either. Anyway, I don't think this is a particularly big game. It's certainly no Sonic.

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Shane said: I played both Nights and Christmas Nights. Couldn't tell you the first thing about either. Anyway, I don't think this is a particularly big game. It's certainly no Sonic.
Um... I sure hope it isn't a Sonic! So far I've only seen some videos of it, but it looked fantastic. If they can pull off the same level atmosphere and fun gameplay again, then it will sell very very well.

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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The good thing about NiGHTS is that Sega hasn't been milking it and destroying it's reputation the way they did with Sonic. So it's ripe for a return, and Wii seems to be a good match. I just really hope it's good. More so for Sega then for anyone else. I remember the Dreamcast days it seemed everything sega made was great, its funny I remember everyone thinking Sega going third party was a threat to EA, now looking back that just seems silly.

A few more variables will affect sales besides the quality of the title (which given Sega's recent history is very much in question). First and foremost is when this game comes out. The more consoles that are out there at the time, the more potential sales. Then again, if this game comes out near Super Mario Galaxy it's going to have a tough time competing with what is shaping up to be a Nintendo AAA title. Second will be marketing. I believe Nights has a huge video game enthusiast following but isn't very well known to the general public. Since the Wii caters more to the casual game player, Sega will need to make sure to get placement in front of those people. Hopefully Nintendo will have a 'Demo' channel in time for this game. If Nights 2 is good and people can get a taste of it for free (a la Christmas Nights), the sales could easily blow away any of our estimates. In the end though, I expect Nights 2 will be somewhat better than Sonic and have sales to match. (As a side note to foolflexible, Sega was a threat to EA's bread and butter -- their sports games. By locking up many of the professional licenses, EA basically forced Sega to stop making those games.)

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LOL. VGChartz seems to disagree.

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DMeisterJ said:
@ Rolstoppable and Zucas

LOL. VGChartz seems to disagree.

 That is so mean... =p.

Wow, over a million? People had that big of expectations?

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I hadn't heard about the Nights-games before Nights: Journey into Dreams but is there another game in development called Nights 2? or is Journey into Dreams Nights 2?

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You'll have to understand that people were expecting the game to actually be any good. Team Sonic has made one or two decent games during the last ten years, so it wasn't completely futile.

They could've been moderately succesful by catering to the fans of the original and adding some serious freedom of movement with lots of replay value, but instead they went for the "fans will buy it because of the name, and maybe kids so let's make it really stupid" approach.

This might lead to some crow eating real fast.....

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