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bleach is great up to the point were ulquiorra dies then it goes down hill but its good especially if u read the parody thread on one manga

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@SimplyMe im awake and will be for another 3hours

I stopped caring for Bleach after the Soul Society Arc. I've been trying to get into it more ever since, but it's just not the same.

Fairy Tail, on the other hand, is AWESOME lately. So much awesome crazy stuff keeps happening every chapter =) and not one bit of it seems far-fetched.

I want more Id =( I'm really craving it now.

New Bleach chapter is out


Its was a good chapter.

is bleach manga wayyyy after the anime in the story, like naruto??

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@ Howlingwolf

Its quite a ways ahead, but not as much as Naruto.

ah ok
is there even any anime which is going with the manga

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Wow, Gin's bankai is useless.

"Hey, look look, I can stretch my sword for 13kms YAY!!"

why the hell would Gin swing a sword that long if its gonna leave a huge opening for a conter-attack?

bleach was ok gins bankai is a disappointment hopefully it has a second release or hes lying about this being his bankai

i thought gins stretched his sword in the first 20 episodes too, so what's knew...that wasn't his bankai, was it?

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