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XL is good if you don't travel a lot with it.
DSL/i will fit nicely in most of your pockets, the whole point of portability.

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Kenryoku_Maxis said:

I don't know if the DSi is worth the added price because I don't have one and I still have the ORIGINAL DS. But frankly, I'm going to get the DSi XL when it comes out no matter the cost. And my suggestion to you and anyone who doesn't have a DSi yet is to do the same. The DSi XL is suppose to launch in America sometime in 'Early 2010' for America and Europe.


As for a DS being worth the cost in general, any DS is worth the cost.  You can't imagine the amount of playtime I have gotten out of my original DS in the last 5 years.  I bought it for 250 dollars a launch and now you can get a DS Lite for around $125.  And in that time, I have probably logged more hours playing my DS than all other gaming platforms combined.  It should be a no brainer for everyone to buy a DS.  That's the price of less than 3 console games for practically the best gaming device of this generation.  Though I still recommend you wait for the DSi XL (which will cost more).

Yeah, the DSi XL is great. I upgraded from a DSL to a DSi LL (XL) and I've been loving it since I got it last month. I was considering getting the DSi, but I thought that it wasn't too different from my DSL, so I held out a little bit and picked up the LL instead.

@Galaxi: I travel with my XL (LL) all the time, I just toss it in my bag. I play it all the time on train to work (whenever I'm not sleeping ). I never even put my DSL into my pockets!

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Yes!Plus the DS has a lot of awesome games.

niksta2 said:
lol, "support big N"

.....spoken very....well fanboyishly, lol

This is gonna sound crappy but, I can't support the Wii, I just can't find any games to really suck me in. So I'm happy to be able to support the company that has given me so many happy years of gaming (coming up on 25 next year) even though I don't care for their home console. So, yeah, I guess I am a fanboy. I think we all owe a great debt to Nintendo, I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have gaming like it is today without them. AND they still make some great games!

Well, if you really wanted one, wouldn't you be well aware of it's capabilities? I say get the PSP, since you've just said you can do more with it, you must obviously know more about it, or, otherwise, you wouldn't be asking, you know which you'd want already. If you don't already have a PSP, get the DS, otherwise, you may want to re-think. 10 dollars isn't much.

You can always make efforts to find games with good reviews, and what-not. The only thing I've seen on DS, is 2D games, and mario games. Not that there's anything wrong with 2D, it seems to GBAish for me to enjoy for too long. I played Megaman ZX, and Bomberman (whichever one it was) both were ok, but, it felt like i was playing old school when i was expecting something else. Oh yeah, I played those games two years apart from each other....

Speaking from experience, Daxter, Megaman Powered Up, Maverick Hunter X, and Tekken: DARK RESURRECTION are all good games. You may also want to look into GTA:CTW, which is on both systems, but, superior on PSP. My PSP is used as a MP3 player 1st, and a gaming device second, and video/internet...

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Handheld gaming console is totally different from PS3 or Xbox360.  I own PSP, DSi, and PS3, and I find PSP to be a total failed device in handheld industry. 

Nintendo knows what ppl expect from handheld console.  No fancy 3D graphics or multi-functional capabilities like mp3 or movie viewer.  I mean what kind of outdated person carries that berky PSP just to listen to mp3 these days? If I see a person listening to music with PSP on street, I would just laugh at him/her.  Use iPod for music; watch movies in big screen at home...jeez...

Also, some ppl say PSP's graphics is awsome.  Total false.  No AA on such resolution just fails.  There are a number of 3D games on DS and even they look better than PSP's. 

IMO PSP is only for kids who want to play PS3-like games when their parents won't allow them to have one. If you wanna play an action or 3D games with good graphics, buy PS3 and connect it to big screen. 

In this decade, DS is ruling the handheld industry. Period.

Buy the DS. If you're a gamer, it has the best games (but we got Little Big Planet for the PSP yesterday and that game is a beast! It's awesome!!).

But, like you already know, the PSP does a whole lot more than just games. I've got so much music, so many pictures, so many movies, and so many comic books (AWESOME) saved to that console, that along with my scant few PSP games and my PS1 games, I take it everywhere.

As a gaming device, I prefer the DS. As an entertainment device, I love my PSP.

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Galaki said:
XL is good if you don't travel a lot with it.
DSL/i will fit nicely in most of your pockets, the whole point of portability.

I plan on getting an XL and traveling a lot with it. I can find a way to accomodate the extra space requirements. My freakishly long fingers are not accomodated by the tiny DSLite in any way. My old DS was much better, but alas it had a bit of a run in. With the sidewalk. It is retired now. I am hoping the extra size for the DSi XL means I won't block the power light constantly with my thumb, and freak out when I finally notice it is red. Lost more than a bit of progress in RPGs to that.

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