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david today was the ship date. Websites only list the ship date. You won't find it in stores until after the ship date.

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A few stores did receive it early. I got mine from the Best Buy that was 45 steps away from my house.

Just got up to Part 3, Chapter 2. I'm going to take a break now. Mia's VA in the FMV was alright, except for when she says Soren's name.

I've never even seen a Fire Emblem game, but a friend of mine told me it was great! I bet my left eye that I'm more broke than Nazna though...
I even have to sell my car!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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That's a SRPG, so I don't care about particle effects.
What I care about, is if there's only the crappy american dub in the US version like you seem to imply, or if there's the original japanese one too.
I can cope with their destroying other aspects of the game, like the difficulty levels, but supporting the crappy english dub was very hard for me in Path of Radiance, and the sole bad thing in the game.
Fortunately they didn't talk a lot.

I love tactics games, but there's just too many games that I "need" to play before getting around to FE. (And if I still have some moola left)

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I look forward to playing it today....maybe. :)

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I'm really looking forward to it. It came out today, so I'll be picking it up after work.

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Just taking a break from it, great game. Regardless of how much money is put into doing super detailed HD graphics or full orchestral music and what not that are considered high production values for a AAA game, its games like this that keeps me playing videogames.

I like mario galaxy or final fantasy or what not as much as the next person but I would be bored with videogames if I only had those.

I am a little disappointed that they didn't add much in the way of new animations or didn't fancy things up a bit but gameplay is whats important here. I just hope they pretty it up just a little bit for the next sequel (more attack animation sequences please).

On a side note, I did a game save transfer from PoR, does anyone know exactly what that buys you? I'm not sure how to check.

wow 1up just convinced me to buy a wii game. never thought that would happen... they gave it a very positive review


in other news, metroid prime just got dragged below 90% on gamerankings






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I'm on chapter 6 and I'm not disapointed !!!!

I want to see Ike and the Greil Company !!!!!

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